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Created in Madrid (1996), the school is aimed at people that, having a professional experience and a basic formation, want to go more deeply into a theatre of movement.

A physical theatre where body is always committed to mimics, using voice or acting a text.

Through the analysis of everyday actions and nature dynamics, we will go discovering the laws of life and art, laws that we will be using for dramatic creation in the actor´s game.


General Information

The school is two years long, in five hours daily sessions, four days a week, from October until June.

The even years, the first year group works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm and follows with the same timetable during the second year.

The odd years, the first year group works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 9 pm and follows with the same timetable during the second year.

Pedagogic Team

Mar Navarro, was formed at the Jacques Lecoq school of theatre in Paris, where she made two professional years (1990-92) and a third pedagogic one (1994), specialising in school’s pedagogy. 

She has been scenic movement and improvisation teacher in Abadía de Madrid theater and has also been responsable of the movement in perfomances such as:

 - “El Retablo de la avaricia, la lujuria y la muerte” (Valle Inclán) 

- “Los Entremeses” (Cervantes) directed by José Luis Gómez

She has cooperated in the movement and training of actors in some other productions such as:
- “La noche XII” directed by Gerardo Vera for Abadia theatre.
- “Histora de una escalera” directed by Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente for the Dramatic National Centre.

- "Divinas Palabras"  (Valle Inclán) ; "El enemigo del pueblo"  (Henrik Ibsen) ; "El rey Lear"  (Shakespeare) y "Platonov"  (Chejov), directed by Gerardo Vera for the Dramatic National Centre.

- "La Averia" (Friedrich Dürrenmatt), winning five awards Max in 2012.

- "En esta vida todo es verdad y todo es mentira" (Calderón de la Barca), directed by Ernesto Caballero for the National Classical Theatre Company.

Andrés Hernández, actor and musician, was specialised in voice with the “Roy-Hart Theatre” working with several of his members and taking part in a process of pedagogic investigation with one of his founders (Noah Pikes), and also in Odin theatre and Grotowski.
From 1980 to 1994, she has belonged to the “la Tartana Teatro” company, performing more than a dozen shows represented in a lot of festivals around the world (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Canada)....

He has composed music for several dance and theatre companies such as Carmen Werner (Provisional Danza), Ernesto Caballero, José Luis Gómez, Esteve y Ponce Cia., Antonio Malonda, and some others.

Firts year program

We will begin observing the normal life. We will find calm and balance with the neutral mask. We will get close to nature through the caring body to enrich ourselves of rhythm and kind of forms. Elements, material and animals will be our reference points. 

We will go through the way getting near poetry and picture. We will find the movement in everything that contains a body and we will build a body in things that don´t have one. We will get through objects and mask theatre in order to arrive to characters. 

We will be building characters through movement. We will take out passions, moods. All these goes with a vocal technical work and play where we will go exploring all the sound possibilities we have, looking for our voice limits, acute and deep, and boosting our natural resonators using them in speaking and singing voice.

We will also develop a musical work with instruments without having any previous musical knowledge.

Second year program

We will come into theatrical creation. We will have different theatrical styles as a reference, we will find out their rules to be able to develop a personal style.

We will begin with silence through the mimic language to follow with melodrama, comedy with masks and without them, jokers, and tragedy until arrive to clown.

We will support in dramatic texts already written and we will develop our own text creations. Our target is to offer a lot of possibilities in which everyone could find his own way.

During the second year, the pupil must have some availability in order to perform some quarterly small plays open to public.  

C/. Francisco Guzmán, 28 antiguo - Madrid - Tno.:649 497258 - escuela@marnavarro.com